Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Releasing trauma can bring and overwhelming sense of inner peace

You'll be hard pushed to find anyone who has reached their late twenties and not experienced their fare share of emotional trauma. It is an ongoing process and a crucial element to the human condition. What many of us don't do is explore or even acknowledge the past traumas that affect our daily lives. So many of us are holding back and not living our truth due to painful experiences shaping our present landscape.

Trauma can only be healed by facing it head on. We must delve in to our darkness and release the pain that holds us back. Once we acknowledge these traumatic experiences that infiltrate our behavioural patterns, they become smaller and smaller until they pose no threat to us and therefore have little to no control over our lives. This is not a one time process, for me it has been ongoing. Once I have worked with one painful past memory and managed to get to a point where I no longer feel the suffocating pain, the anguish, or the anxiety that has manifested in my life from this experience, another one will surface ready to be healed.

This may sound like a ball ache, I'd rather the trauma I'm used to then having to overcome unfamiliar ones, right? But healing even one trauma is such a great release. It physically feels like a weight has been lifted. Having the breakthrough is such a powerful experience, it opens your eyes. It can be quite an emotional and draining process but the results are always worth it. Minor changes in mood, attitudes, beliefs are almost instantaneous, and these become more apparent the more you work through it. Physical changes begin to manifest in direct correlation to the changes in your personal belief system.

But why is it so important to heal trauma? Well it's important to consider the ways in which trauma can manifest in ones life- feelings of dissatisfaction, under-earning, under-achieving, infertility, poor physical health, mental health problems, lack of motivation, the list is endless. It is also important to consider what a trauma is- A painful or distressing experience, that we have compounded in to a belief system as a means of protection. These can range from the seemingly 'mild' a comment someone made about or to you, a negative belief system someone taught you, childhood name calling and bullying; to the apparently more severe- bereavement, severe illness such as cancer or a heart attack, abandonment issues, abusive relationships and so on.

When we allow ourselves to be ruled by these feelings and events we struggle to progress in the ways that we want and are oftentimes left feeling trapped. By facing our pain we are allowing the light to be cast over the darkest parts of us. Once we start to shed light on these experiences and our shadow self we start a journey of self acceptance. In terms of balance it is crucial that we accept the darkness as well as the light. We all must learn that we are whole beings and therefore we must love every part of ourselves, and all the things that have made us the current versions of ourselves.

As we start to build on accepting these parts of our self, we replace the negative emotions of pain, disappointment, hurt and betrayal with love. We teach our present selves to become the person we needed to protect us from the trauma in the first place. When the trauma is recalled the feelings gradually change to more positive ones. An understanding is developed that if faced with that same trauma, we now have the tools to manage this experience and we no longer hide or fear anything that may lead to this situation again. This is how trauma is healed and this is how you claim back your control.

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